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Our History

Twelve years ago, the idea for Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar was conceived by a Bulgarian family who chose Penang as their home. Their daughter is married to a Penangite who is also a renowned theming consultant. By combining the passion for Bulgarian food and the creative talent for theming, together they created the realism of a typical Bulgarian dining ambience. It is a team effort that pays attention to detail so to ensure customer satisfaction.

Why Vintage Bulgaria?

Dining out in Bulgaria is a social event where food, wine, service and environment are integral parts of the culture. Bulgaria is a seasonal country and weather ranges from snowy winters to hot summers. This variation in climate influences Bulgarian food, hence the menu offers dishes from summer salads to hearty winter fare. Bulgarian cuisine is famous for its grilled meats and rich salads required at every meal.

This fusion of Western Food and Eastern hospitality provided the catalyst for create a restaurant never seen before in Malaysia – a fine dining experience that combines the romance of love and food.

Vintage Bulgaria Community

The restaurant reflects a typical Bulgarian theme and layout where a cosy wooden bar on the mezzanine floor, stocks a variety of beverages – it is a great place to meet up with friends for drinks. The dining area in the lower level is a great setting for a truly romantic dinner for two with the area being separated into cosy nooks, with plenty of authentic Bulgarian knick-knacks, quaint wooden windows accented with lace curtains, and fireplaces. Making your way to the upper floor leads you to the function room. The Bulgarian theme is maintained by way of a countryside mural that stretches along the length of the room. This room also has a bar area and can be booked for private functions.

This attention to design has led Vintage Bulgaria to be critically acclaimed by food bloggers and lifestyle magazines. However, the secret to this romantic fine dining experience is in the authenticity of the Bulgarian menu and food selections. It takes Bulgarians to truly understand the cooking techniques and flavour combinations of this diverse cuisine.

Service is important too, which is why Vintage Bulgaria emphasises hiring from the local community to inject the essence Asian hospitality.


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